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I loved this welcome package. I have never gotten a welcome package any where else. I brag to my family and friends in Washington all the time about how nice San Juan Capistrano is. I feel so lucky to live here. -Wendy, SJC

As a person completely new to the area, I honestly really enjoyed my welcome pack. Some of the coupons or local businesses included I probably never would have known they existed and were so close. Thank you! -Jennifer, Aliso Viejo

Welcome Express not only provides new homeowners exclusive coupons, it provides valuable information     in your community. You will receive change of address forms for the DMV and Voters Registration (something we might overlook when moving), in addition to numerous phone numbers of local restaurants, shopping, and government agencies. This is one of the best tools to utilize when unfamiliar to a new area. I love it!!! ~Sandy – RSM~

Sponsor Testimonials

“Working with Welcome Express has been nothing but wonderful. They certainly represent your business as one that represents the values and mission of Welcome Express, an exquisite and classy way of getting your word out about your business.”

“As for the business it has brought in? HUGE, Karla was so kind to discuss with me her expertise on which offer to send out and we have been so grateful to Welcome Express for bringing in a customer, and then retaining them. In a location with many tourists, Welcome Express allows us to get in front of the new neighbors in our community.”

Michelle Endo
Sushi Restaurant

VIP Pet Spa has been using Welcome Express for the past few years, and from the beginning I have been very impressed with the results.  The coupon and information in the welcome packet gets our name out to every new homeowner in the area and brings in several new customers each month.  I get excited when I see a new customer walk through the door with a blue piece of paper in their hand- it means my advertising efforts are working!  Thank you to Mike and Melinda Stone for creating a wonderful product and service!  Kristin Hrenkevich,
owner of VIP Pet Spa

Antoine’s Café has been using the Welcome Express program to welcome newcomers to San Clemente for over a year and we have just arranged to utilize Welcome Express for our other restaurant as well.

This program has worked very well for our restaurant.  We especially like the look and value of the large welcome package that is sent out to the newcomers.  It is very professionally done and is working well to bring in new families to our restaurant.

Welcome Express has been very easy to deal with, their program is easy to understand, and we know what to expect every month.  This program can enhance anyone’s marketing and help them make a good first impression.
Veronique Price
Antoine’s Café

I am the owner of a veterinary practice in Laguna Niguel and have used the Welcome Express for several months now.  I have paid large amounts to a marketing company for over a year, and the Welcome Express has gotten me more business than any other marketing company.  The price is great, they do not come in and request my time, they just provide our information to new residence and the clients always come in happy, and very willing to commit to our business. I cannot recommend this service enough.  Any new business should highly consider this service to promote themselves.
Christine Haney, DVM

After advertising with your company one year we are so happy to report that we actually saw a return on our investment. We sent out follow up post cards to the list you provided and within one week we had new HOME OWNERS coming in our store to redeem our offer.  The homeowners we spoke to were excited and thankful for the offer of one free trip and said they would use us again in the future.  The offers are still being redeemed and we sent them over a month ago.

Dana Wharf values its customers and Welcome Express has given us a valuable tool to help us to get new customers that we can keep!

Thank you again and we look forward to another great year.

Donna Kalez
Dana Wharf Sportfishing and more..